13 & 14 months

13 months

He slowly started to stand on his own. Then, on 3/12/16, G took his first steps at 12 months. It was out of the blue, really. I mean, we knew it was coming because he was showing signs of really wanting too. This particular day, he woke up from a nap and bam, took 3 wobbly steps into my arms. I screamed, of course. Since then, we've been on the go. He can get attached to toys easily and if you take it from him, he will get verrrrry upset, so just don't. :) We started him on his sippy cup. Loves the book Little Blue Truck. Makes car noise, and when we say vroom, vroom, will go and get car. Started to stick out his tongue and loves to touch ours too. :)  Moved into our house and adjusted really well! Loves to wave hi and bye, brush his teeth, and mimic us. He has almost 6 teeth, takes two naps, eyes change from blue to green depending on what he is wearing. Mostly 18 month clothes if they are hand-me downs, which most of his are. Size 4 diapers, but about to move up. All of my friends comment on how much heavier G is than the rest of them and it's so true. He is into everything, really. Oh, but when he smiles, laughs, does anything, we seriously melt. He is our JOY.

14 months 

G is fully walking. It's slow, but he is steady. We love watching him explore at this new level- it's so wonderful. He still can get obsessed with toys, and when we change diapers or we are putting him to sleep, he has to be holding something. When he says dada and mama it's more pronounced. Points at everything now, especially things he recognizes. He loves lights, and knows what it is when we say the word and points up at them. He knows ball, school bus, nappy (nap time), light, dada, mama, milk, book, and snack. Tries to say 'yes', 'bye', 'hi, 'light, 'hot''- in his own way of course. He can be shy meeting new people, and takes a bit to warm up. Really loves his mama ;) If he is feeling generous, he will give you a hug and a kiss (not all the time) and his kiss is touching foreheads with your forehead. :) The boy love to eat, everything. Meat, fruit, vegetables, noodles, cheese. He is such a good eater. In the mornings, he will bring books over to me and have me read them to him, it's my absolute favorite. He loves to watch the school buses go by in the morning and afternoon. He also loves to watch the birds in our bird feeder. This month, he figured out how to push himself up off the ground to stand and walk. He loves to take all of the Tupperware out of cabinets and walk around with it screaming and laughing. Loves to go to the playground, walks, play with water, and be outside. He is size 5 diapers, same clothing size and his hair is still coming in and it's a light brown. He has grown so much this month. So much more observant of exactly what you're saying and doing. His personality has shown a lot his too- more scrunched nose smiles, screams, squeals, and messes! Boy, does he keep us on our toes.

A little video of some random footage from 13 and 14 months!


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