A couple of weekends ago, Will and I spent our first weekend away from G. Almost 14 months and I had never been away from him for more than a few hours. The first time I hadn't carried diapers, wipes, toys in over a year. It was surreal. The reason being, we were out of town celebrating the marriage of two dear friends. When they told us the date, it seemed so far away. As I was holding my then pregnant belly. I couldn't imagine what life would be like.

Parenthood is a funny thing. It is most definitely a team sport. You are constantly working together. Tag teaming in and out- can you get this? can you help me with this diaper? oh shoot, we forgot to look at that, no I did yesterday. It can be that same constant ebb and flow. Some days, our team works really well, and other days, we just don't see eye-to-eye. But, we vow to do better the next day, no matter what.

Each day, we tell each other sorry, you're right & I'm wrong, I love you, be careful, we hug each other tight. Some days are hard to admit that you're wrong or being a complete jerk. Grace upon grace. To do better, to love better, and to show that love more. All around our house are pictures. They tell our story. From dating, to engagement, to our wedding day, to starting our family. We have seen each other at our worse and our best, and we still say I love you. Marriage is a beautiful sacrament to be apart of.

All of that to rambling to say, the weekend away was wonderful. To really be with each other, to laugh, hold hands, and dance the night away. I find it fascinating that we've been together for 6 years this June (married 3 yrs in September) and I still can look in his eyes and feel that same giddy love. Although it's grown, matured and is stronger, it's still there.

Come Sunday morning, we couldn't drive fast enough to get back to our baby. ;)

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