This has been in my drafts for far too long. I was going to post this last week, but then I realized when I was taking the 'after pictures' there were still little things that needed to be finished in the kitchen, and then those got done, but then I just haven't found the time to re-take the pictures, so now here we are. I am going to post the pictures I originally took and we can all just act like you can't see a wire dangling down from a cabinet. :) ok...

When we were looking at the buying the house, we knew the kitchen needed work. Mainly just some TLC updating. The oven is older, but it still works great, so no point in replacing that baby yet! Cabinets, backsplash, countertops, and new hardware were the main things on our list to start with. I'm calling this part 1 because the next thing we will do is replace the flooring, but it's fine for now! It's hard to imagine the before kitchen, and thankfully, we never had to live with it!
A big thanks for Will and his Dad for doing all of the work in such a short period of time!

Click the link below to see more pictures! :)


^Our fridge is on the wall opposite of these cabinets.^

I hope I never have to remove tile again. At first, I was really into it. LOL Then, I stared at the wall in the picture below, and quickly became not into it. But, I stuck it out and did as much as I could!

So, in the midst of the remodel, we of course discovered a few things that needed to be taken care of. One of those being the vent for the stove. We hadn't planned on replacing it, but it was in pretty bad shape. It was rusty, and wasn't venting properly either. So, after buying a new vent, bringing it home, we decided to exchange it for a microwave, and I am SO happy we decided on that. It was sort of a last minute thing, and it was pretty late at night when we decided on it. It's been so great and saves us a lot of space on the countertops too!

The other thing we discovered was our sink needed to be replaced. When they took it out, it was moldy and what not. We were originally going to wait a couple months and put a farmhouse sink in, but we are happy with this sink as well! The faucet also got a much needed face lift. I will say, after using a double sided sink for so many years, I don't think I'll go back. I love this single sink so much.

 This ceiling van was bad on so many levels and I was so happy to see it gone.

I need to get a better picture of the backsplash and countertops because they are beautiful. Will's Dad built our butcher block countertops and the backsplash is white subway tile. Sharing these before and after pictures, I can't believe how different it all looks. I truly love this kitchen and all the memories we have shared so far.

So, here are the before & after shots! Wow, what a difference!


  1. It looks sooo good! Makes me want to redo our very outdated kitchen. But then I think about how much work it is and I'm like NOPE. Ha.

    1. I was/am the same. So happy we did it, but thinking of redoing the flooring is making me crazy and really our remodel wasn't even that big lol


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