Alleluia, HE IS RISEN!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you had a wonderfully blessed weekend and the start of Easter season!

Before we get to Easter day, let's rewind to Saturday for our parish's Easter Egg Hunt. He really did so well. They had us in the 0-2 age group, so it wasn't as crazy as the bigger kids. He picked up three by himself and put them in his basket. It was so cute! Two of his little friends were there hunting eggs as well. We truly love this community and look forward to doing this in the years to come.

Now, Easter Sunday! We had a wonderful homily at Mass. The message was about all the good that is still to come after we leave this life. The loved ones we will be reunited with in Heaven, all because Jesus died for us. It's hard to imagine that someone loves us, each of us, as much as Jesus does, but I'm so thankful for that love he continues to show my family.


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