This book surprised me in the best way. How something tragic, can be turned into something beautiful. It starts at the very beginning of Eva Thorvald's life. She is born to a chef father, who is utterly devoted to her, and a waitress mother, who would rather be anywhere else than with her daughter. The novel then moves to three key moments in her life. The characters in these sections come back to in the story at later times too, and you can see how they've grown or changed. The author keeps you guessing and turning the page faster to see where Eva will end up.

I knew from the first page that this book was going to be a shocker. From the beginning you meet TifAni FaNelli who can be witty, but at times, is dark and twisted. The book starts in present day. TifAni, who now goes by Ani, is planning her own wedding. She is a writer who lives in Manhattan and is constantly feeling the pressure of fitting in with the "in crowd." How she looks, what's she is wearing etc. But, there is more than meets the eye with Ani. She has clearly been through a lot. Throughout the book they keep referencing to the 'incident.' This book keeps you turning the pages for more to figure out why Ani is the way she is. Let me just say, you'll be shocked and stunned wanting more.

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