We had such a fun weekend celebrating our little guy.
Friday, we had his friends + Mom's over to our place for a little party. I am so happy we had a celebration here. They've helped make Grayson's first year so memorable. He had fun playing with his buddies and eating a cupcake :) Thankfully, all weekend we had wonderful weather (complete opposite of the weekend he was born. Cold, with snow on the ground.)
But, Saturday was such a Spring tease. I mean GORGEOUS. We had our family pictures and were able to do some outside at a park- in February! 40 years from now I'll be looking back at these pictures so confused as to why we are outside in February smiling?!?! 
I'm pretty sure everyone in our town was there either biking or walking, running, laying out (JK). He was such a trooper & quite the ham.
Sunday, we had church and celebrated his birthday at the local children's museum with just the three of us. It was so special. We were both (& G) just happy and no too emotional about it all. I keep saying that because I really thought I would be. He loved the museum so much and really didn't want to leave!
Grayson John- there aren't enough words to explain how much you mean to us. You are a gift from God. We are so thankful he saw us fit to be your parents. Thank you for being you.

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