As we are quickly approaching Grayson's first birthday, I asked Will if would like to write a post about his first year of Fatherhood. He, thankfully, said yes! :) Here's what he had to say!  

As you are likely aware, being the avid followers of this blog that you are, Grayson is turning 1 in a few short days. This really hit me a few days ago when Ally was working on his baby book and I saw a few of the hospital pictures. I couldn't believe how long ago those moments felt. So I took a minute to reflect on this past year and share a few of the many things I have experienced and learned.

1. Babies are truly the purest example of Curiosity. Grayson is constantly moving, opening, reaching, and touching everything. Sometimes he concentrates so hard trying to make some of his toys works you can't help but laugh. It can really take me back to moments of trying to figure out how something works or goes together. Which takes me to my next point.

2.We are all children. I constantly find myself doing the same things as Grayson, making motorboat noises, throwing my hands in the air, playing drums on all surfaces, all just to interact with him. It has made me remember how simple joy can be.

3.Being a parent is a truly an unconditional love. We can glide through the happy times and struggle through the poopy, but there is nothing that could make me want to change this amazing journey.

4.There is no preparation for parenthood. We can simply continue to do what is needed every single day. I think that is part of the reason the Hospital seems so distant. It has been a daily focus to make the most of every second.

Finally I'll leave you with a simple reminder that our priest shared with us recently.



To wrap this up, I wanted to share my favorite fatherhood blog posts from this past year.

Will's first father's day!
At night
My boys

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