Last week, I finished Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. To be honest, I picked it up on a whim at the library. I love our library for SO many different reasons, but at the top of that list is because they have a section of books down in the children's area that the librarians have read and enjoyed. It makes it so nice for the parents who can't make it upstairs to the adult books. Does your library do that? It's the best.

Which leads me to Big Magic.  

After the first couple chapters, I was about to sign up to run a marathon. Seriously. She had me so excited and thinking that I could accomplish anything. I was flying through the chapters, eating up every word.

But, then, half way through she lost her momentum and to me, it got really repetitive. I was so sad. I truly wanted the whole book to be this big fist pump, aha moment. Honestly, I was just happy to finish it. She had some great points here and there throughout the book, but at times, it was as if she was trying too hard.

I don't want to beat the book down all together. I will say, the big theme I took away from the book, is to find something you enjoy doing, for no other reason than you enjoy it.

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