Remember this guy?? A year as come and gone and what a year it has been! I've loved doing these monthly post so much. Keeping track of all that he is learning, doing, eating etc.. It all happens so quickly and I'm so happy to have these precious moments to look back on. I do plan on doing updates about him in some way or another. So, don't go too far!

What a big month it's been. I'm pretty sure I say that every month, but it's so true. He grows, changes, and becomes more independent over night! This month we started G on whole milk. I was so nervous because I thought he would put up a fight and not want it. But, I was so wrong, thankfully. He took it he like a champ and really never looked back. I slowly dropped my day feeding, then my night feeding and then just last week, I dropped my morning feeding. So, he is completely on whole milk now. I plan on writing a separate post in regards to my breastfeeding journey- 12 months is a long time, and it deserves some recognition. He takes 4 bottles (yes, still on a bottle, one thing at a time) which is about 24 ounces.

At the beginning of the month he started off with just 1 bottom tooth, then his lower left one broke through. About a week later I noticed his top two teeth coming and could feel them. (which explained him being a little more irritable.) BUT, along with his top two teeth, his two beside those are coming in, too! So four teeth at one time! I feel so bad for him because I can really tell that they are bothering him. He does this cute thing when you lean your head to his, he leans his into yours and closes his eyes and squeals.

Grayson is really such an amazing eater (knock on wood!!) He loves everything we've given him so far. He love vegetables- carrots, broccoli, peas, he loves fruit-mango being his favorite. He still loves avocado, banana, yogurt, bread, noodles etc.. This month he also started throwing food all. the. time. Well, really he throws the food when he is done eating it, but it just feels like a lot. :)

He isn't walking yet, but he is really starting to get close we think. He will stand by himself for a few seconds, but doesn't really know that he is doing it. He is getting a lot stronger and more confident, so soon enough! He loves to give high-fives, clapping and using his walker. He is starting to sit still for books again. He likes to flip through them himself, and if you read it fast enough, he will sit on your lap for one depending on his mood. He loves to blow raspberries and is starting to do a vroom car noise while playing with his cars. He's been doing a lot of high pitch squeals with excitement. He also loves to mimic you with noises too! If you laugh, he'll laugh the same way back, if you squeal, he'll squeal back etc..  

This month he went on his first flight and did so well. (thankfully it was only 40 minutes) He says "mama" "dada" "baba" He loves to open up draws and really anything he can get his hands on. Still loves playing in the bathroom. (WHY!!!) Loves to throw his toys over the baby gate. He most likely will have a toy in one hand while he is crawling around, usually his bat. He celebrated his first Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday! He has blue eyes and SO much hair. I swear it grows by the minute. He wears 18 month onesies and 12-18 month pants! We love you, buddy!


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