First post in 2016, here we go! Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it's off to a great start. Our New Years was very low-key. (Hello, baby) But, let's be real, it would've been low-key no matter what! We had a yummy dinner and champagne to toast, but we didn't make it to midnight.

Since then, I've been busy organizing the inside of our place, while Will has been taking care of cars and other tasks to get us set right in the new year. We did have friends over on New Years Day. Their son is a couple months older than Grayson, but they play so well together. At one point, they were sitting next to each other hugging each other. It was so cute.

I am excited for 2016. My motto for the year is simple- God's plan is better than my plan. Pretty simple, right? Towards the end of 2015, I was reminded over and over again that God does have my back. Certain things I would worry and stress about, but in the end, everything would work out fine. I am already having to put my motto to the test about certain decisions.

These are the last of the Christmas pictures I wanted to share. We celebrated two of Grayson's buddies turning 1 right before the holidays. He started to get upset because he was hungry, but I had to take a picture of him with his hat on crying- so cute! & then some of him just being adorable. Very much a random post, but I wanted to reach out and wish everyone a happy new year! xoxo

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