Over the weekend, Grayson started feeding himself. Slowly at first, his little fingers gripping the torn up cracker- just small enough to put in his mouth. Missing his mouth the first couple of times, but then finally, it's in. Will and I cheer him on with claps and "good job, buddy." This may not sound like much. A baby learning to feed himself? Happens all the time.

You're right. It does. But, man, I've never felt so much pride before. Will and I both. This is something we have been working on him with for a couple of months. We noticed it just wasn't clicking that he could place the food in his mouth. At first we got worried. Was something wrong with him? Was it our fault? Did we miss the signs? We pushed it aside for a bit. Not because we didn't care, we just wanted to give him a bit more time before we made something out of nothing.

A few weeks went by, and I thought, oh, I'll just call his doctor to seek some tips on helping him. I left a message and the nurse immediately calls back to tell me that the Dr. wanted us to take him to see a developmental specialist. It was like she pierced my heart with a knife. I got teary eyed. What? Why? He's developing fine, I said. I was a offended. I explained to her how he can feed himself a banana, but the little cheerios, he hasn't grasped yet. Later that evening Will and I talked and decided that we didn't need to take him. We would help guide him more, and give him a couple of months- it would come.

And it did- over the weekend. All he needed was a helping hand.

Each meal during the week, I would sit down next to him and practice with him. As we would pick up and piece, I would sing, "pick it up and put it in your mouth." I just made it up on a whim & it stuck. It started off him fighting me. Not wanting to have anything to do with it. I grew frustrated at first. How can I make this click for him? I prayed about it and kept with it each meal. I stayed light hearted about it. I didn't want my frustration to show.

Who knows what really clicked for him? Who knows if my little song helped at all? But, the first time his little fingers brought that food to his mouth, I swear my heart grew 10 sizes. I'm writing this simply for me, myself and I- in hopes that I never forget the little things in life matter. The way he smirked back at me when I cheered him on. The way he may miss the first time, and how I'm so anxious to help him, but Will reminds me that he will get it.

I'm not saying to always ignore your doctor, but, you know your child better than anyone. Don't forget that. Trust your instincts.

Sometimes, all they need is a helping hand.

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