It's not very often that this boy is still long enough to take a picture. So a lot of the ones I'm taking lately are very much in the moment, but those happen to be my favorite too. The ones that show off his personality that is blooming by the day. We had his little buddies over this week for a play date and they all came in the door and it was like he truly remembered them all. He was so excited. Smiling, screaming, playing like crazy.
I am so thankful to have met Mom's going through the first year like I am. There are five of us, and three have turned 1 and Grayson is the next one. Gosh, it is so cliché to say, but it's bittersweet. This baby has changed our lives forever and we are so thankful.    
Hoping where ever you are, you've had a bit of a warm up for a couple of days. Grayson and I were able to take a walk yesterday and man, fresh air is just glorious. Looking forward to Spring so, so much. Happy weekend!!

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