Happy 11 months to our sweet baby boy! You are so scrumptious, I could just eat you up. I give you about 1,000 kisses are those delicious cheeks everyday.

At 10 months, Grayson finally popped his first tooth on the bottom right. It happened the day after Christmas and Will and I were so excited (LOL) But boy do they take forever to really come up. So far, we can't feel the one next to it, but it can't be too far behind. Since we felt it, he has had days where you can tell it is bothering him, so Tylenol does seem to help on that end, thankfully.

This month, Grayson celebrated his first Christmas and New Years. He tried so many new foods this month- fish, shredded chicken, scrambled eggs, noodles, avocados, broccoli are some of his favorites. Thankfully, he is really open to food and likes everything we've given him thus far. The only food he made a face to was peaches and they were just too sweet. The only time he eats purred food is if we are out and about and he needs to eat.

Grayson also learned to clap this month. We were so excited! I was holding him facing outwards and out of no where he just put his hands together and started clapping. It's SO cute & there is a clip in the video below of the day he learned. He also got a walker for Christmas and LOVES it. Literally every time he pushes it, he lights up with the biggest smile. It's really helping him get more confident walking and standing. Three times this month he has stood for about 1-2 seconds by himself and then would realize what was happening and sit down.

He is a fast crawler, and climbs up on everything. If he is able, he will walk to whatever he wants while holding on. He spins his butt on the ground to turn around. This month, he started to throw more of a fit if he doesn't get what he wants or the toy is taken away from him for whatever reason. He loves to toss the basketball back and forth to you. He loves cars & trucks and still loves to spin the wheel on them too. He can be ticklish on his belly and neck. When he first wake up, he wants to be held for a few minutes before you can sit him down or he gets upset. Loves opening and closing drawer and door.

He has blue eyes still, and SO much more hair. He is wearing 18 month onesie and 12 month pants. We still have him in size 4 diapers, but will probably be moving up soon. He is long and lean. He is napping twice a day (morning and afternoon). Is still sleeping through the night, thankfully. Usually will wake up at 6a.m. and move around a bit but go back to sleep, then really wake up between 7-7:30. His personality is showing more and more each day. He is curious, funny, and just so dang loveable!


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