We had beautiful weather for Grayson's first Thanksgiving. He was able to share his first turkey day with his 8-day older cousin, Liam. It is such a joy to see them together playing and getting to know each other more, now that they are older and mobile. My sister-in-law, Julie and I were reminiscing on being pregnant last Thanksgiving.
When we realized how close our due dates were last summer, we knew how exciting and surreal it all was. The two of us pregnant so close together-once in a lifetime. I am so thankful that it happened. Thankful to have shared our first pregnancies, thankful to have had boys together, that they are happy and healthy little babies. It's just so incredibly special.
I told her we will match these boys until they tell us not too. So, like age 21, right?? JUST KIDDING. I'll settle for 18. My Uncle Rick and my cousin, Sean came to celebrate with us too, which we all loved. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the delicious food. I guess I was too busy enjoying it all! We all pitched in here and there, but Mom and Dad were our chefs for the day. Julie made these cute little apple pies and Uncle Rick brought fresh corn from his garden. YUM! 
You know it's a great Thanksgiving when you are able to go outdoors without a coat on! We are thankful for our family and friends near and far! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving where ever you celebrated. xoxo

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