Break my heart in to a million pieces.
We had a big sleeping change over the last month. A couple months ago, here and there, Grayson was allowing us to lay him in his crib for naps and he would talk himself to sleep. This change was very much welcomed by all parties in our home. After speaking to his doctor, she did confirm that he is old enough to be doing this, and that night feedings should stop. She also told us that he should be 'talking or crying' himself to sleep at night.
We were giving him a bottle right before bed, and he would fall asleep drinking the bottle, and most of the time he would wake up in the middle of the night with a huge diaper. Will and I were at a loss of what to do. So now, we give him the bottle earlier and allow him to play longer before bed. So far it has worked out well for all of us. We were most concerned with how he was going to take to us laying him in his crib wide awake.
The first night, we came out to the living room and just waited & waited for the loud cries to start happening. Thankfully, they never came. He just babbled himself to sleep. We kept checking the monitor, saying "really?? is he really asleep?" He was. It's funny to think he was telling us all along he was ready for this. Pray that this continues for us all.

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