We were so happy to have a long weekend. It was a much needed break! Thankfully my Dad had a game over Thanksgiving break that we were able to go to because it started at 2! They played Crawfordsville, so I reached out to my old friend & our wedding photographer, Lexi to see if she would be in town. She said she would be! Her and the kids stopped by the game! They are expecting their third, and she looks incredible. You can see me in the first picture in the background chatting away with her. Hi Lexi, so great to see you!! :)

The boys did get a little restless at the game, so we found a little area they could crawl around in. It was so cute. They kept crawling full speed towards each other and kissing. You can sort of see it in the second picture. We were all loving it. Later that evening, Derek and Julie had us + my Aunt Brenda over for dinner. We loved being able to catch up with Aunt Brenda and hear about her trip to Italy. The boys were playing around in their PJ's together- we clearly can't get enough of them! Thanks for hosting us, Derek and Julie!

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