This post is heavy on the picture side, that's your fair warning! JOY to the World, The LORD has come!
^Matching PJ's for Daddy and Grayson^

 ^Cupcakes for Jesus's birthday^

 ^Santa came!!!^

 Will and I decided that we would keep to the three gift rule + stocking. I am so happy we did. Grayson had no idea what the piano was at first, and then Will hit one key and he went crazy with excitement! Seriously. Will and I were smiling so big watching the pure joy on his face. Of course, we could've got him nothing and he wouldn't have noticed. He would've been happy to play with Daddy all day. That's the beauty with babies- they don't let you get caught up in all the mainstream Christmas because of the pure joy and love they bring.
^just as happy playing in the boxes^

Our Christmas feast above! It's our third year making our ham, green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese, homemade pumpkin and pecan pie! Grayson had some of the ham and seemed to really like it! It was delicious and we will be reaping the benefits of it for awhile now.

 We hope you had and are still having a wonderful Christmas season! As you can see, we had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Will was Eucharistic Minister on Christmas Day, which was really special to witness as well. Mr. G was a bit of handful during Mass. He just wants to move and crawl, and gets frustrated when he isn't able. Oh, the life of a baby is tough! :) Grayson's first Christmas was wonderful and really special. I was a bit sad when we put him to sleep that night thinking that it's already over. Everything goes 10X faster with kids. I will always treasure this first year with him so, so much.
Christmas Mass was beautiful and this year, I got a little emotional as I was singing songs, thinking of our Savior, Jesus. Thinking of him as a baby, and a toddler is just amazing to me. How blessed we all are! I am so thankful for Jesus! Enjoy the video below of some highlights from our Christmas! xoxo

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