Happy New Years Eve, everyone! Where does one even begin this post? Trying to sum up the year you become a parent, is, well...it's impossible. SO many adjectives to use at one time.  Last year I did a recap of the year post, and I really loved doing it and looking back at all the year brought us. So, let's begin the recap for 2015!


I spent the first part of 2015 pregnant. I was using the bathroom, a lot. I was also still working, so I was pretty tired most nights! Will was putting up will my ridiculous nesting demands.
We were anxiously awaiting for baby Naville's arrival.
Will and I became Aunt Ally and Uncle Will. Our nephew, Liam was born on February 13th, just 8 days before Grayson made his arrival. My sister-in-law & I were a week apart for our due dates!
Then, finally, on February 21st, we met our precious SON!


We took a road trip to Indiana to meet our nephew, Liam for the first time!

We started our monthly pictures with Grayson! 

Celebrated our first St. Patrick's Day with Grayson!
April was a big month!
We celebrated Will's 26th birthday and first birthday as a Dad! 

My brother and sister-in-law also asked me to have the honor of being Liam's Godmother.
I celebrated my first's Mother's Day!
Family traveled here for Grayson's baptism.
I also enjoyed a lot of baby wearing with Grayson.
It had been a year since we found out we were expecting!
I wrote my first post about my breastfeeding journey thus far. 

Will wrote a great blog post on being a working parent, that I love!

Grayson cooled off by taking a swim in his rubber duck out on the deck!

We also took a trip to Douglas, Michigan to see my Aunt Christine and her family.
Grayson turned 6 months old, so we tried to take family pictures with our tripod!


What a truly memorable year it has been! I treasure this little space so much and appreciate those who read these posts about our family! 2015 will always be special to us!
We have so much to be thankful for! We hope 2015 blessed you as well, in many ways. Here's to 2016, may God continue to guide you!

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