DOUBLE DIGITS! HOW? WHEN? WHY? This was the hardest month for me (Will couldn't believe it either). Seems so big, but so small at the same time. It's hard to believe. Anyway enough of the sob fest 2015. My baby is too busy for pictures now. I totally forgot to add his blue teddy bear for these pictures because I spent half of the time making sure he wasn't going to jump out of the chair!

This month was so fun because he is really starting to communicate back with us more. Will laughs at him and he will do at fake laugh back at Will. He babbles all the time. "Mama, Dadda (a lot) Babaa" He will usually have a toy that will go in and out of his mouth while he makes baby noises. He is starting to understand what the word 'no' means and doesn't really like it. This month, out of no where, he started to wave at us when we say hello or goodbye. He still has no sign of teeth coming, but still drools here and there while playing.

He is a very fast crawler, and he loves to crawl to the bathroom (his favorite room) or Mom and Dad's bedroom. He loves to push toys while crawling and if it's big enough to stand and push, he will do that as well. If he isn't crawling, then he is pulling up to stand some where. On the couch, baby gate, table, toys, TV stand, dressers, toilets, bathtub, in the tub while taking a bath. You get the picture. :) He used to get stuck while standing, because he couldn't figure out how to sit back down, but one day it connected for him and now he can sit back down on his butt. If he is on the couch, he will walk down the length of the couch. He will also dance to music now when it is on one of his toys. He doesn't love when toys get taken from him.

After his 9 month appointment, we started giving him all sorts of fun foods and he has loved it! He loves yogurt, avocado, scrambled eggs, cheerios, bread, bananas, and his favorite cheese! He goes crazy and starts rocking back and forth because he knows the package now. He also has been trying to drink more apple juice out of a sippy cup, and he does pretty well. He does really well at holding his thing crackers to eat and even holds his banana to eat, but he hasn't mastered holding cheerios in between his fingers. He is also oddly obsessed with cups for adults. He likes to drink water out of them while we are holding it, but he also loves to play with them while they're empty.
This month he celebrated his first Thanksgiving and gave Mommy his first kiss wet kiss. He is in a stranger danger phase, especially if there is a lot going on or a lot of people. He started taking two naps this month, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. He also started standing in his crib and we have the mattress all the way down. He loves baths still. He loves puzzles, cars, wheels, and music. He loves taking all of his books off the shelf and then crawling away like he didn't do it. He also loves to take toys out of his basket and put them on the floor and sometimes he will put them back in the basket, sometimes. He loves to throw food out of his high chair and then look at us for a reaction. He also does the same in his car seat with toys.

His sleep is improving, but he sometimes gives us some early mornings (5:15am-5:30). He is still in size four diapers. He is in size 18 month onesies, and 12 month pants. He can wear 18 month pants, but they are a bit long on him. He is crazy while trying to get him dressed or change his diaper and is usually not happy laying there. It takes both Will and I to get him in his PJ's for bed. He has blue eyes and got so much hair this month. He is such a beautiful, wonderful blessing and we love him more than words could say!


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