My actual birthday was on a Friday, so we kept it pretty low key. Which, those birthdays turn out to be our favorite ways to celebrate. We made dinner + I blew out candles while Will ( & sort of Grayson) sang to me. It was perfect. My first birthday as a Mom. After the singing, we tended to our parenting duties and then enjoyed a piece or two of my yummy birthday cake!

On Saturday, our friends offered to watch Grayson for a couple of hours so we could go on a little date. We saw the new bond movie, which was entertaining, but Will and I couldn't believe how loud the movie was. We kept looking at each other, with one of our ears plugged from how loud it was. We left and Will said he thinks it's a sign that we are officially old.

It was a great birthday and I am so blessed. Here's to year 26!

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