FIRST SNOW FALL-November 21st, 2015

^I know it's out of focus, but he was not amused by his parents at all^

It snowed! I really love the snow during the Holidays, especially when we have no place to be! They were throwing all sorts of numbers at us at first. 1, 4, 7, 12 inches! Soo... we didn't know what to expect! We woke up Saturday morning in a winter wonderland & it just kept on coming. We got about 7 inches (it's since melted/melting). It was so beautiful to look at on both Saturday & Sunday.

Grayson didn't really know what to think. At some points he was sort of smiling, and then other times, he wasn't amused with us at all. Like trying to get his winter coat on. He hates it. Babies bodies are not made for winter coats at all. After I put it on, he just tumbles backwards. He did the snow and just sort of looked at us like what the heck? Growing up here, he is going to see a lot of snow!

We still had so much fun showing him his first snow fall. It's truly amazing being able to be with him for all of his first! & for the record, Will does have 3 winter hats, these were taken pretty quickly, so he didn't grab his!

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