9 months

My little love bug turned 9 months over the weekend & mother nature brought his first snow fall on his big day! I can't believe I only have three more of these month post to do! I should warn you, this one is a bit long. So many big & small milestones I didn't want to forget from this month.

The biggest news of all from this month, Grayson started crawling!! Within two days of being a little slow at it, he started to pick up speed more and more. Now you can hear him coming because he thinks chasing you is a little game. So he does a little grunt/laugh combo while he is crawling after you. Crawling has kept us on our toes big time. We quickly started baby proofing what we could & are constantly chasing after him or telling each other that he is coming for one of us.

He started pulling himself up on chairs, couches, crib, dressers, the toilet (!!!)... basically anything he can get his hands on. He pulls himself up on his knees, and if there is something in reach that he can grab, he will find a way to get it. He LOVES phones. No, not because we let him play on ours, he just wants to put it in his mouth. We did lower his crib all the way down because he was pulling up to stand in it and he is a long baby. When he wakes up from a nap, he started rocking back and forth in a crawling position making all sorts of noises. Then, when you open the door, he quickly comes crawling towards you in the crib with the biggest smile on.

He has become a little terror with his toys. By 9 o'clock, all of his books have been pulled from the shelf along with all of his toys. Our place looks like a tornado most of the day, but there is no point in putting up the toys when he is going to pull them all off the shelves. He loves to open drawers too. We have a baby gate that blocks him from the kitchen, and he lets us know that he doesn't like us going over that gate without him. He will crawl over and pull himself up on the gate and whine and cry. He is slowly starting to understand what 'No' means. He will start to fuss a little when he hears it because he wants to continue doing what he isn't supposed to be doing.

He loves the bathroom, which at first terrified me, but I decided I need to pick my battles. He is going to end up in there one way or another. So, I just make sure it's really clean. :) He loves to open and close bedroom doors and play with tennis shoes that are by the door. He started doing a fake laugh and a fake cough this month. We are pretty sure everyone at mass thinks he is sick because of this fake cough. He also started doing this new smile where he squints his eyes closed and cheeses really big and then makes this hissing noise, it's so adorable. He also hates to be confined in anyway.. walker, pack n' play etc. This month he celebrated his Mom's 26th birthday too!

Nursing is still going well, thankfully. Since becoming more mobile, he moves a lot while we nurse, and pulls on my shirt or my skin. He has started to try more foods. Puffs, cheerios, yogurt, mixed vegetables, some fruit. He doesn't have any teeth & no signs of them coming in, but trust me, those gums are sharp. He can pick the food up with his hand, but hasn't figured out how to put it in his mouth yet. This month we moved Grayson's dinner time to eat with us and it has been so wonderful. Sometimes a little challenging because he doesn't like when we put his spoon down to eat our food.

Sleep has been an issue again this month, but we are slowly nipping it in the butt- so to say. He prefers to sleep on his stomach with his little butt in the air (I literally can't make this stuff up.) As far as the issues go; Last month we switched Grayson to overnight diapers because he was waking up with full diapers or he had peed through his onesie, sleep sack and on to the sheet already at 2 or 3 in the morning. So, at first the overnight diapers seemed to be helping, but then he started waking up with those completely full too!

We knew at this point, he should be sleeping through the night with no issues! (& he was from 2-5 months old) We were at a loss of what to do. So, we talked to his doctor and she recommended we stop giving him a bottle right before bed. We had been doing his nightly routine with a bottle and it puts him to sleep, so it makes sense that he would wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning with a full diaper! She recommend we give it to him during dinner & maybe a little while he is playing afterwards. But, we should be able to put him in his crib while he is still tired, but still awake, that is the key.

I should note that for his naps during the day, he was doing this. I would even nurse him for a bit, lay him in his crib with his eyes open. He would get in a position he liked, I would leave the room and he would put himself to sleep. That should've been a big sign for me that he was ready for this. So, no more bottle, no more nursing him before naps. We know he is fed, so loved, and tired. He is ready to put himself to sleep.

He loves cars, wheels, basically anything that he can spin or sings. He never sits still for books and half of the time they end up in his mouth. He still has blue eyes and grew a ton of new hair this month. Sometimes he even wakes up with bedhead. He is in 18 month onesie, but 12-18 month pants. I don't think I noted this last month, but he is in size 4 diapers. He is the light of our life.


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