Happy Friday, everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed week. I enjoyed linking up with Kelly last week for Link-toberfest that we are back with volume 2! By the way, if you haven't read Kelly's blog, you should. She is an amazing Catholic wife and mother!
Awhile back I posted about my husband, Will and I dedicating more time to reading. Well, we were doing really well, but then Grayson stopped sleeping well at night, and we became a little sleep deprived. Sleep > Reading. BUT, we are trying to get back on track. So, we both hit up the library this week and have started in on a couple of books. I saw that Christy had been reading Love Walked In, so I had to pick that up!
During my bible study this week, one of the Mom's recommended to the rest of us that we start a weekly in-home date night with our husbands. Of course I had heard of this, but the more she spoke about it and explained what they've done thus far, it sounded too good not to try! I talked to Will about it and he said we should do it on Thursday of each week. So last night was our first one and I "planned" it. We made homemade pizza and drank some of our favorite craft beers and a couple of new ones. I put a blanket on the ground and we watched a movie together. Simple as that. We decided that before each "date night" starts that we will say a prayer for our marriage. I encourage everyone to try this, especially if you have little ones. We laughed, and laughed. We kept distractions away (cell phones, computer etc..) and really just focused on each other. The best thing we can do for our children is to have a happy, Christ-centered marriage.

Has anyone else fallen in love with Fall, again? All colors on the trees, and the fresh autumn breeze. I love living in the Mid-west for a lot of reasons, one being Fall. Grayson and I made some festive cookies this week and he got a little crazy with the sprinkles. ;)  Hope everyone is enjoying this season as well!

This past Sunday after Mass, Will and I started talking about what we pray/think about as we are walking to receive Holy Communion. As children, I think it's hard to fully grasp the significance of this sacrament. Well that night, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, "http://mychildiloveyou.blogspot.com/2015/09/a-beautiful-visual-for-explaining-to.html" target="_blank">My Child, I Love You
 and she had recently posted a beautiful blog post  about what Will and I were discussing. Along with the post was the picture above. I think I stared at it for ten minutes because I was so moved by the picture. The picture is in the book My Catholic Faith. I had to pass this picture and where it came from along because it really moved me, and I hope it does the same for you and your family.
 Original copyright, 1949, 1955, 1958 


When you have a baby, the first thing everyone wants to talk about, is who he/she looks like. Mom or Dad? Anywhere you go, and it's not just family and friends, strangers do the same as well. Everyone has their own opinion. Everyone always tells us that Grayson has my eyes- which Will and I both agree on. After I took this picture, I looked at it and couldn't believe how much we looked alike. It's so amazing to see yourself in your child, and a little scary sometimes too when they give you a face and your like, "hey kid, you got that from me."

I know, I'm crazy, we haven't even had Halloween yet and I am already thinking about Advent. Did you know it starts next month? Yes, next month is November. Crazy. With this being Grayson's first Advent/Christmas season, we are so excited to share with him some of the traditions we do, but also start some new traditions since he is our first. We have a few ideas in mind, but I'm curious how everyone else celebrates with their little kids? We are really wanting to put the focus on Jesus and not the getting of the gifts. Does anyone have experience with this and care to share?

I had to share this little video of Grayson having a laugh attack. He has a few different laughs that he gives us, but are hard to catch on video. There is not a better sound in the whole world than hearing your baby start to laugh. If I am having a hard day or need pick-me-up, I can watch this video and all my worries go away. We are so thankful for the joy and love he brings to our family.
Happy Weekend and thanks for reading along! Just this week I was telling Will how much I love this little space. I know it's crazy because it's just a blog, but man it holds so many memories for us. I treasure it and love being able to share with you all! xoxo


  1. Lovely post! Advent is my favorite season. We do the an Advent wreath at dinner. Anything paired with dinner will likely get done around here. This year we are going to attempt a Jesse Tree. Time will tell if that is successful or not.

    1. We do an advent wreath as well! I've heard great things about doing a Jesse Tree, we may have to look into that more! I hope you guys have a blessed Advent season!


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