My first seven quick takes & link-up all in one post?? Yup, you read that correctly. Here goes nothing! I sure hope I do this right I'm excited to be joining Kelly in her linktoberfest. If you head over to her blog you can win some awesome prizes!

I found these beautiful Rosary cards online & this weekend I am taking them to get laminated. I am such a visual learner and struggled praying the rosary. I love having these to look at as I pray and to show Grayson. Here are similar ones.

During October it's Respect Life Month. I was completely moved by this. 3,560 crosses for the number of aborted babies daily. Please pray for these precious babies. Pray that the Mother's seek adoption.
The weather has been so funny here. For the most part, the trees are still green, except for this lone ranger in the park. We have our days where it feels like Fall. Everyone is in jackets, hats, little ones all bundled up. Then the next day, the sun is shining and everyone is in shorts again. Funny how the seasons collide like this. We are soaking in all the outdoor weather we can though, because we know Winter is just around the corner. -__-

Grayson and I got our flu shot this week. I am literally such a baby when it comes to shots. I got mine first, because my own Mom wasn't there to console me. (not joking) I was a little nervous for Grayson because it could go either way as far as crying or not crying. I'm still scarred from his 2 month shots. I sat down in the chair holding him while another nurse helped me distract him. The nurse came over and cleaned his leg, put the needle in and I held my breath. Just waiting for the scream. & nothing came... I'm not even sure he blinked. It was almost too easy, you know? I'll take it though.
My baby has been fighting his naps, which of course makes for an irritable baby. So on a walk we went and what do you know. Little guy was tired after all. Nap strollers are so dang cute. How cute is he in his Cubbies gear? Speaking of the Cubs, we play the Cards tonight! Go Cubs, Go!

It's so rare I can find second hand shoes my size because my feet are so big. #tallgirlproblems I am so proud of this salvation army find that I texted my fashionista best friend, Lauren a picture. She told me they're called chukka boots. I had no idea! She also informed me that they are perfect for the Fall. Thanks, LO!

Will returned from a work trip yesterday and boy did we miss him. You should've seen Grayson light up when he walked in the room. He was like Bye, Mom! Will was supposed to be putting him down for a nap, but all I could hear was Grayson in his room talking away, so I went to see what was going on. I walk in to these two snuggling and laughing at each other. We missed you, Will!
These were just as mouth watering as they look! Will surprised me with them over the weekend because he's awesome and knows that donuts are the way to my heart. :)
This weekend is the Scarecrow Festival in our town, we are so excited to be going for the first time! Happy weekend, everyone! 


  1. Love it😃 As always❤️

  2. Your first Quick Takes EVAH! Love it! Thanks for joining!
    Salvation Army gems are the best feeling in the world. I still brag about a vintage coat with a fur collar I snagged from a local SA in high school.

  3. Found those card about a year ago, laminated them, and put the on a ring. They're so nice to have images the kids can easily hold in their hands! And I'm with ya on the shoe thing. Big 'ole man feet here! They are a sa-weeet find! :)


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