What! October & it's near 80 degrees! Oh, this weekend was SO great. We did a lot of walking, but didn't mind because it was SO beautiful. We (Will)  made our first chili of the year and it was delicious. Of course, he has to make a separate bowl for me because I can't handle all of the spices and hot sauce he adds.

I've only had Grayson in this hat once before this past weekend, so I wanted him to wear it one more time, but it actually is way to small for his big ol' noggin. He still looked adorable and got lots of smiles as we walked along this path.

Speaking of this path, how gorgeous?? It's so easy for all of us to compare where we live to the people in the mountains, or at the beach, near a lake etc.. But we never take a moment to appreciate the beauty in our backyards! This path is for runners, bikers, or walkers. It goes right by the beautiful river. We saw SO many boaters and jet skiers out enjoying the weather as well-which was awesome.

I encourage you all to take this week/weekend to appreciate God's beauty where you live. Whether you find a new place to explore or visit one of your favorite places, take the time to really look around. It's amazing what you will see, smell, or hear.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is off to a great week so far! xoxoxo

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