Can you even handle these pictures?? I can't & I took them. Oh these boys, I'm so grateful their mine!

Over the summer when we made a stop at Purdue on our way back home, we bought Will and Grayson matching Purdue sweatshirts. (Yes, even this IU grad was apart of the plan.) They were able to wear them this week when the temperatures truly felt like Fall had arrived. If you've never seen a baby in a sweatshirt up close, you should probably put that on your bucket list or something!

We've had a touch of sickness in our family, I've taken the brunt of it. Nothing crazy, and really just more annoying than anything. It's hard being sick and being a Mom. I hate when I'm not 100% and there's nothing I can do. Will has been so incredibly helpful. Even when I'm sick, I still try and do it all, but he has completely taken over where I need help. It's wonderful to watch your spouse serve you, no questions asked.

Anyway, let's hope for a healthier weekend! Hope everyone has a great one!

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