Last nights walk. Pops of red, yellow, and orange each way you turned. Crunching through the already fallen leaves as we hear Grayson babbling away in his stroller. Kids pass by on bicycles on their way back home. We hear a Dad call in his children who are playing at the playground just across the street. It's warm enough out to be in shorts and a t-shirt, but there is still a Fall breeze that whips by every now and then.
We stop to swing at a pop-up park. These parks are my favorite. Surrounded by homes and families. Grayson is starting to get the hang of swinging, but really just likes to listen to all the noises around him. As we head back home, the sun is going down and it lights up the yellow trees into the most beautiful 'golden hour.'
These are the moments I wish to bottle up and remember on a 'rainy day.'

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