Will and I listened to the podcast, How to Raise Strong Catholic Families in a Difficult Culture over the last couple of days. Have you listened to this? If you are a family with young children, I encourage you to take the time to listen to this with your spouse. It's a bit long (for us anyway), so we decided to break it up over a couple of days.

We know we are just beginning on this journey of parenthood, but we also know that we go against the cultural norm as far as how we want to raise our children. As parents, we are our kids biggest influence. That's a huge, huge responsibility. One we don't take lightly. How they see us acting, behaving, treating our spouse, and them will rub off and either help or hurt them as they grow into adults.

The first big theme we took from the podcast was not allowing our lives to constantly revolve around our children. Some may look at this in a negative way. But, you shouldn't. It's not saying to not love them, or to not go to their soccer game simply because you don't want too. It's saying that by not allowing them to be the center of your universe, you are showing them that God is number 1, always.

Which brings us to the next theme, and the most important. We as parents must Fear The Lord, first and foremost. "The fear of The Lord is the beginning of knowledge, wisdom, and instruction fools desire." Proverbs 1:7  If we are looking for guidance, answers, love or direction on something, we must look to the One who can give us these things. Think of how incredible that will be for your children to see YOU turning to God for love, help, and thanks.

Of course we all know our lives will not be perfect. Far from it. But, the one thing we can implement in their lives at a young age, that will never change is the fear of God.

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