Over the weekend as we were running through one of our favorite parks, we started talking about last Fall. We had been at the same park, only Grayson wasn't being pushed in the stroller. He was being carried inside of me. I was 20 weeks along. I remember seeing a family there on a picnic. I got Will's attention and he looked over as well. We smiled. Gosh, what a year it's been. I can still so vividly remember the leaves changing just like they are now, people out enjoying the unseasonably warm Fall air. We stopped running to reminisce a little more. As I grabbed Grayson out of the stroller, he gave me one of his show stopping smiles and my heart fluttered a little. Sometimes being pregnant seems so long ago. Part of me can still feel him kicking, but the other part can hear is sweet giggles. Motherhood is such a balancing act of emotions sometimes. You tip too far one way a flood of emotions comes at you that you weren't prepared for.  

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