8 months

No, no, no! Not possible-not my baby! The months of 6-8 have gone so quickly for us and have been his biggest growth, both developmentally and physically. He is more active with more personality and makes us laugh all the time. He is a great baby, but that doesn't mean he doesn't cry, or fuss. He still doesn't love to be tired and will let you know!

Grayson is a busy guy. He loves to roll all over the place. Literally. Back and forth all day long. One evening, it just clicked that he could get around like this. That night he rolled all over our living room, back and forth, back and forth. He can be quite the talker too! He talks a lot during church, sometimes he will babble the whole Mass. He started lots of fun noises this month too. He squeals, he does a fake cry and cough because he knows it will get him attention. He also has given us more giggles than we deserve. Oh, they are so sweet. He has a few different laughs he gives us too depending on if he is tired or happy. He also started this adorable laugh when I open the door to leave. He is connecting the dots that when I put my coat and his coat on and then open the door, that we are going some where. I love it! The week before he turned 8 months he became obsessed with sticking his tongue out and sucking on his bottom lip.

If you're sitting on the floor with him, he will use you as a jungle gym. He will pull himself up on you and then roll all over you. He wants you to stick your hands out so that he can stand, because he loves to stand and looks so proud doing it. He tries to pull up on anything-toys, couches, chairs.. he is getting closer, but hasn't pulled himself up yet. He does this funny thing where he slaps his high chair or our legs if he is playing. Speaking of high chairs, he is a pretty good eater too! This month he stopped liking prunes and we think is on the verge of not liking peas too. He eats basically anything else though! We are still in the basics of stage 2 foods.

He started saying dada and said mama twice. He hasn't really connected what they mean though, so we are pointing to us a lot and either saying mama or dada. This month Grayson started trying to crawl!! See, I told you he was a busy guy! He started off taking one or two steps with his arms and then would slide down with his legs. It's so cute and he is so determined! He loves music, and toys that spin because he loves to spin it with his hands. We are still, thankfully, nursing well. The more active he gets, the crazier he is while nursing. He pinches my stomach or chest while he is nursing. He still holds his arm up and puts his hand in my mouth. When he is starting to get hungry, he starts sucking on our legs or shoulders with his mouth. The drool has mostly subsided, but he is showing no signs of teeth either!

Sleep is still a hit or a miss with this guy, but we are sort of used to it at this point. Some nights he will wake up once or twice, other nights he could sleep until 5:30-6. The same with naps too. He is still taking three naps, but the majority of the time they aren't very long. This month he took his first 2 hour nap and I was beside myself of what to do! Usually he takes one decent nap and the other two are just short little naps, but he needs them or else he is super fussy and irritable.

And to wrap this up, he has gotten so much more hair, still has blue eyes (sometimes they change in light) Wears 12-18 month onesies, his pants are 9 month, all depending on brand. Loves being outdoors, bath time, going on walks & now runs too!

We Love You, Grayson John!


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