We have joined a couple different parishes since our move a little over 2 years ago. While we liked certain things about each, there was always a longing for more.

I think it was a mix of God really working on our hearts to put us in the place where he wants us to be.

Our town now is a place where we have wanted to move to since our arrival- it just took us a bit to get here. But, we are here now, and are so grateful.

We recently became members at St. Patrick's Catholic Church. From the first time we stepped foot through the doors God has been working on our hearts. He let us know time and time again that this is where we should be.

How special to know that this is where our first child was baptized and welcomed in to the Catholic Church.

Not only did God let us know, but the people and the priests of the parish welcomed us with open arms and quickly it felt like home.

We have been called to do more. We recently signed up for several different ministries throughout our parish and we ask for your prayers.

That we continue to do the work of God and spread his love and light to people who need it and that he guide us through these ministries.

St. Patrick, pray for us. 

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