Will & I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary! We had a long weekend of travel in Indiana, so it's nice to be home and celebrating by doing a bit of exploring and relaxing.
This year will probably always be one of my favorite years together.
The year we became parents. It's truly been so much fun.
We've never learned, laughed or loved each other more.
I do realize that I could say that after every year. Of course, that is my hope.
That through the years, our love and family only continue to grow deeper.
Our goal for year 3 is to not only keep Christ at the center of our relationship, but to also set aside time for each other.
It doesn't have to be dinner and a movie. It can be as simple as setting aside any distractions after Grayson is in bed and talking. Those are the moments we treasure.
We must remember that marriage is a vocation and through it we are called to serve one another selflessly.
Becoming parents has only taught us how to serve each other and are family better. 
Happy 2nd Anniversary, Will. Here's to year 3!
p.s. Below is our traditional anniversary picture. I love this tradition so much!


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  1. So sweet. Love you all. Happy anniversary.


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