Well, your best friend only gets married once, so a picture overload is justified. What a seriously beautiful wedding for two amazing people. A weekend filled with so much love & happiness for two people who are filled with goodness to their core.
I couldn't have picked a better guy for Kim. They both balance each other out so well, and have Christ at the center of their relationship. These two are off to a great start. Not to mention they come from two amazing families.
Lauren and I were maid and matron of honor and what honor it was. When I met Kim all the way back in high school (seems like ages ago) I never dreamed I would be standing beside her on the biggest day in her life. God is so good. Kim has been the best friend to me, and like we said in our speech, I look at her like a sister. I can't imagine my life without her, and I never want to either!
Both of their families worked so hard to make this weekend special for Andrew and Kim. From the wonderful rehearsal dinner, to the wedding, which was held at Kim's grandparents land (which connects to Kim's parents land). It was gorgeous. Every detail screamed these two, especially taking wedding pictures with horses and having our bridal party entrance off a pontoon boat while "Pontoon" was playing. Yes, it was as fun as it sounds.
Grayson attended the wedding & left right after his Mom's speech. He got to meet some of his Mom and Dad's best friends and looked dapper in his suspenders!
Andrew and Kim looked amazing and are now off on their honeymoon in the Northwest! Thanks for a magical weekend, you guys! We are so incredibly happy for the both of you!

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