Since returning from our trip to Indiana, we have been so busy! From library class, to bible study, Mom's group and friend meet ups....we have a full schedule of fun. & for that I am thankful.

Grayson has also bloomed what is like a 'new' personality. He is sitting up and scooting all over the place on his belly, and has become very vocal. His new squeals are so adorable, I honestly can't get enough of it or him. We feel so very thankful to be his parents. Truly a love unlike any other.

We've had some gorgeous weather in our area. I always forget how much I love September weather until it's here. The perfect mix of summer and fall. The humidity is mostly gone, and it's just lovely to be outside. We have taken so many walks throughout the day and when Will gets home. We've met up with friends at parks. It's like we all know that in a few short months we will be trapped inside for a long time.

Sleep has been pretty much non-existent around here. It's like we are back to the newborn stage, but I'd have to say, even worse. We aren't really sure what the cause is because it could be a number of things. So, we are just trying to be patient and do what we can and remind ourselves that it won't last forever. The big smiles and new squeals help us sleep deprived parents a lot... our little guy is so dang cute!

We are looking forward to a long weekend because my best friend is getting married! I will be sure to post pictures from that as well.


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