I hope your weekend weather was as wonderful as ours! More one what we did coming this week. I did a few days of solo parenting, and all was fine, but it made me even more aware of how much of a team we are. So what I lack, Will picks up and vise versa. Basically, we missed daddy a lot!

Over labor day weekend we headed back to Indiana to celebrate Will's grandparents (Grayson's great-grandparents) 65th wedding anniversary! We were so happy to be able to celebrate such a big milestone. They are such amazing role models. Grayson was able to meet a lot of his extended family and go on his first tractor ride. It was adorable! We were able to spend time with both our families which was nice. Here are some pictures from the first leg of our time in Indiana!




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  1. What a wonderful moment for all the family to celebrate 😃


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