7 months

I can hear his little squeals through this picture & I love it. You can see his first 'boo boo' on his cheek from his big cousin, Liam. One of many I am sure between these two. Of course, Liam was just being a curious baby!

This month we noticed a lot of growth in so many different ways, it was hard to keep up with you! At the beginning of the month you were obsessed your hands. You constantly had them in your mouth. Of course you were still drooling a lot too! If you were sitting in our lap or on the ground, you lunged for anything that was by you. You LOVE my phone, and you think the remote is pretty cool, even though we never have the T.V. on. Changing your diaper became really interesting this month because you hated it. You started thrusting your hips in the air and whining the whole time, but once we were you finished you would smile all big. You went to Floyds Knobs for the first time and attended your first wedding too! This month you started rolling like crazy, and really preferred your being on your belly or sitting up. You slide all over the place on your stomach and I think you are so close to crawling, which is so crazy! You still love baths & your Dad knows how to make it so fun for you. You started splashing like crazy with your arms and legs-it's hilarious! The big thing this month was you really found your voice. Right around 6 1/2 months you started screeching loudly, and you started doing what your Dad and I call "The Italian." You love to eat food, and are still nursing great, thankfully. When we give you a bottle you prefer to hold it by yourself! You had a lot more hair growth this month, and still have blue eyes too! You wear 12-18 month onesies, mostly 18 at this point. Depending on brand, you can wear anywhere from 9-12 months shorts/pants. You are so incredible & we truly fall more in love by the second.

In part of the video below, you see Grayson getting upset. We were on our back home and he was so over the car seat and driving. He would smile all big if you were talking to him, but the second you stopped would start crying. It was pretty funny! ;)

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