Everyone tells you how fast it goes until they're blue in the face. You are left wondering, but what about all the good stuff? What about that? Well, it does go by quickly, they're right. But, what they forget to mention are all of the beautiful and wonderful moments in that time. There is a whole new level of joy, frustration, laughter and even through tired eyes, so much l o v e. A new love for your spouse and for this tiny human being. You smile bigger & brighter. So while it does go quickly, all the wonderful moments out weight the fleeting of time. I want to make it a purpose to celebrate each new phase in our lives instead of talking about how quickly they are going. It won't always be easy, but we can always try.


I love the thought of snapping the 'little details' so to say. Almost as if to pause time, to remember how it was for that short period of time. I took similar pictures when he was turning 3 months old and you can see those here. 

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