When we signed Grayson up for his library card at the beginning of the summer, Will and I were also excited to get our own library cards! I mean what kind of example are we setting if we aren't reading too? We both love to read, but over the last couple of years, reading has had to take a back seat. I hadn't realized how much I had really missed diving in to a great book until I checked my first one out. Will had also checked one out, so we made up our reading challenge. It was pretty simple. 1.) we had to finish the book and 2.) we had to read in bed before going to sleep. Pretty simple, right?
We did complete the challenge and had a lot of fun doing it. Instead of mindlessly watching Netflix before bed (sorry, Meredith Grey), we were able to unwind by reading for a few and then talk about what was happening in our books. It was so wonderful for both of us to really be in the moment. Such an easy way for busy couples to spend time with each other. We start our next reading challenge next week and are absolutely looking forward to it.

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