Right around when one season is on the verge of ending, and another is just at the tip of your fingertips, I start to 'nest' so to say. I go through closets, clothes, cabinets, and I try to do a nice deep clean in the process too.

See, I've never been a collector of things. I'm probably still scarred from when my Mom collected clown statues for me and I was too afraid to tell her that I was terrified of clowns. & the statues just gawked me.

Sure, I have things that I keep for memory sake, but I don't get too attached to things. I like to keep things as minimal as possible in all aspects of our home and life. Especially since we are living in what some would consider a small space with a baby. A clutter free home keeps my head clear which in return helps me to be a better wife and mom.

Here are a few tips on how we live minimally throughout our home. Keep in mind too, that although we live in an apartment, some of these tips could be used for a large home as well!


- De-clutter your counter tops. I used to have the coffee maker, toaster, microwave, kitchen utensils, bottle warmer etc.. all out on the counter top. Having all of that out on the counter left us very little extra space. Now we only have what we use daily out on the counters and it has helped tremendously. It's even made our kitchen seem a bit bigger too!

- Clean-up your dinner mess before bed. This can be so, so hard. You may just want to relax, but I promise the next morning when you walk out to a clean kitchen, it starts your day off on the right foot. One less thing you need to tackle!

- If the dishes are dirty, put them in the dishwasher right away, don't wait. If you don't have a dishwasher, try to clean the dish you just used and put it away.


- Put shoes away immediately. Don't allow them to gather at the door, especially if you have little ones. Will and I both have shoe racks, so that also helps to not have an excessive amount of shoes either. For little kids, I would put a basket by the entryway where they can put their seasonal shoes in to keep them off the ground.

- Keys, wallets, cords, and mail. Have a spot where these things go. Don't allow them to just gather anywhere. We make a point to go through our mail immediately to get rid of any junk mail and open anything that is necessary. We then have a basket where we put our bills in order they are due. It's been good for us. We have a key hanger on the wall, but I know a lot of people keep them in a small bowl by the door. These days, you have so many cords for all your different devices or baby monitors etc.. Have one drawer where you can store all of these cords!

- Coats should be hung up first thing as well. We keep ours in a closet and I like that the best. That way they don't take up too much space.


- Keep a small bin of books and toys wherever you spend the most time throughout the day. We have a small basket in our living room and it helps from having to go to his room to get toys etc..

- Only keep what you need. Kids come with a lot of stuff. They don't need every toy in the toy isle. We keep toys to a minimal here & ask that family to the same for a lot of reasons, but simply we don't have the space.

- Donate, donate, donate.. there are so many wonderful organizations & churches that will take used toys, clothes and books! Try and make it a point to go through those things every other month to eliminate clutter.


- Keep decorations minimal. It's really as simple as that. I notice the less I do, the better. I tend to go towards neutral for about everything because it's light and airy.

- Every month or so, I try and do a deep clean and donation pile. If I haven't worn it in a year, chances are I won't wear it. I do this throughout the house. It's easy to just collect things thinking, O, but maybe in another year we will be here and I could use it- probably not.

- For us right now, we fold clothes and then put them away immediately. Less clutter around the room.

Obviously we don't always excel or even get to these some days. We do what we can, when we can. These are just a few tips we have picked up that have helped us live more simply.

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