Hey there! How are things going for you? I'm jumping on the bandwagon and saying, how the heck is it august? Adding kid(s) to your life makes the days/weeks/months go 10x faster. We ended our library class at the end of July and just loved it. We are signing up for the fall session. It's been a really encouraging for Will and I to get back into reading too! This month we learned just how strong a little baby can be-I mean seriously?? His legs are so strong, so after I change his diaper, I feel like I just ran a marathon. We have been dealing with a little fussiness, and I think we will be seeing a tooth soon, I hope! We are celebrating a big milestone this month, 6 months of breastfeeding! I had made that my goal from the beginning and I am just so, so proud. I plan on doing a separate post on it, because it is more than deserving of it's on post. Soaking in these warmer days, and hoping they never go away. :) Will and I are both doing well too! Just thought I would post a quick update with some pictures!

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