Grayson- 6 months

Such a busy, busy guy at 6 months! You have such a personality this month. We've noticed that you are very giggly and happy around Mom and Dad, but you sometimes take a few minutes to warm up to strangers- so it sounds like you've got a good mix of both of us so far :) We do about anything still to hear you belly laugh. I wish I could bottle that sound up and listen to it forever.

This month you rolled both back to belly and belly to back. You are eating solids so well, and so far haven't had any reaction to anything. We stick to the basics, so nothing crazy! You are sitting up well, but still need someone next to you in case you move a certain way etc.. Anything that is in front of you goes directly in your mouth, but the doctor says no teeth yet, but you are drooling like crazy! We heard your first real belly laughs this month and there is nothing like it. O my, I swear my heart stops! You love music and us singing to you. You love patty-cake and peek-a-boo. You have started reaching out to grab our faces when you look at us and even grabbed our Priests' face when he blessed you at mass :) Towards the end of the month you have started to become more and more mobile. We can tell you are wanting to crawl and move more, so I know you are getting close. You are still getting breast milk, but are getting pretty physical well getting nursed and you also get distracted easily, but it's going well too! Your hand-eye coordination was a big thing we noticed this month. You are really holding on to toys and books a lot better. You are wearing 12-18 month onesie and 9 month pants, depending on the brand. Sleep is still going well too! We had a couple morning where you woke up early, but nothing too crazy! Here's to another month, buddy!

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