OR otherwise titled, "when Grayson never looked at the camera." or "we lost a lot of drool out there."

Take your pick.

We ventured down to the park one beautiful summer evening (summer, never leave!!!) to take a few pictures. We did these pictures ourselves with a ten second timer...so we didn't go into these with super high expectations to say the least.

Will and I were basically like little monkeys trying to get Grayson to look at the camera and smile. He was looking at us thinking, "HA! ya, riiiiight!"

I can already see some of the trees getting a little yellow to them and I can't help but reflect on this summer with Grayson. 

Seeing him explore and have this little personality bloom. It's been incredible to witness. Although he will have no memory of it, I made sure to capture plenty of pictures to remind him of all the fun times we had. 

Here are a few favorites. 

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