I asked my husband, Will to write on this topic since he is a working parent in our family. Our schedule with Grayson during the week permits us to not only get time together as a family, but also one on one time with Grayson-which was important to the both of us. For us, it's important to remember quality over quantity.....

I consider myself lucky to have a job in the "Greater Chicago Area" and have a commute that is under 30 minutes. That being the case I still feel my quality time (lets be honest, it is all Quality time when they are this age) with Grayson is limited. When I get home there is scarce time to play and read a book before he starts giving the "Put me to bed now, or deal with my wrath" signals. So how to maximize that time? Well here are a few ways I approach quality time and hope they offer you some inspiration too:

1. All Time is Quality Time. I mentioned it in the intro and it is TRUE. I try to make every minute and every interaction fun and positive (even the 4 am diaper change). These are the moments you have to work at, but I think that makes them High Quality.

2. Put yourself in "DAD" mode. We all know that stresses from work and life in general can dampen our joy and excitement to be and interact with our families. Take time before getting home to let those stresses filter out and to remember the overwhelming love and joy you have for your family. This can be just the boost you need to put some extra vigor into the second reading of Goodnight Moon.

3. Be Detail Oriented. Since your time is limited details are everything. Taking a few extra moments during bath time or PJ changing to really take in the little faces and squirms really makes me feel connected to Grayson.

4. Be Present. This goes along with #2, but think it deserves some extra lettering. Make sure your attention is 100% devoted to the quality time. All electronics (barring a camera) are off and out of reach. We all know that our live are controlled by electronics (You on a Computer or Phone?), so take the extra steps to prevent them from coming between you and yours.

So hope these are already part of your philosophy, but if not hope you are able to give them a whirl.
Happy Parenting!

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