One of the things I love most about being a Mom is that you learn something new everyday. Whether good or bad, you learned and you know better for the next time. With Grayson being born in the winter, when spring rolled I was more than ready to get outside. The first few times I got out with just the two of us, I made silly mistakes, and I first I felt defeated. Then I realized that I was the only one who knew about these silly mistakes. For us now, getting out and exploring is a must. I learned pretty quickly what worked well for us when it came to my diaper bag and everything in the diaper bag. Every Mom and kid are different, but here is what worked well for us!


First and foremost, the bag. It's important to find the right bag for you and it may take a bit. For me, a backpack diaper bag works best. I found mine at target, a similar one is found here . I love it so much. Large enough to hold everything and it leaves me with both hands incase I need to grab Grayson.

I always have a pacifier  with me, even if Grayson doesn't necessarily take one all the time, if you get him in the right moment, he'll take it. I also carry an extra onesie  just in case we have a big accident while we are out and about. While I'm ok with nursing without a cover, sometimes it's nice to have a bit of cover in certain situations. In this particular season I am carrying around baby sunscreen  that we use for his arms or legs. Along with a couple of toys, I have a teething toy to help those sore gums. Of course I have diapers and wipes as well. To make things a bit easier for me, I just stick my wallet  in the bag and we are good to go! 

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