This was our weekend in a nutshell. How was yours? Weekends are so great. It really felt like July on Sunday, finally. Thankfully we haven't had quite the amount of rain that everyone else in the Midwest has been getting, but we did have a little in on Saturday. Which of course called for snuggles & donuts, & loads of baby cuteness. Our priest gave a great homily on Sunday that really stuck with me. I love that. Sometimes the homily can go a little above my head so to say, but as I heard the words coming out of his mouth, I was really following along.
He asked us what we thought an evangelist looked like. He said often times people think they need to be on a mission in a different country to spread news about Catholicism or The Lord-but that's not the case. We are missionaries of our own right in our own town. He asked us when was the last time we invited someone to mass with us, or spoke to someone about our faith? Often times during the week our faith can take a back seat with the business of life, until we reach Sunday and are reminded of what's important in life. His homily did just that. It reminded me to slow down, and to really be more in touch with faith throughout the week. Whether it's helping someone who needs it, or even a simple smile at a stranger. This world can use a little more kindness & it's important to remember that we are all God's people called to do his work.

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