This sorta sums up what we've been up to in July. We are soaking in these long summer days with each other. We are outside as much as mother nature allows-exploring all this area has to offer. Our town and the two surrounding us offer a great mix of small town life + a vibrant downtown. We're really happy. We ventured out to the farmer's market Saturday morning and loved talking with the farmers + the people there. Loads of genuine, friendly people Midwest people. Grayson & I have been having a lot of fun with my Mom's group. We've been able to explore this area and meet loads of babies Grayson's age. They are just really now starting to notice each other and it's so adorable. The Mom's have been wonderful as well! Grayson has been doing well with solid foods. He is still grasping the tongue motion to get it in his mouth, but we are having fun trying! Over the weekend we gave him pureed banana and he gobbled it up! He is s l o w l y showing us that he can roll and after church on Sunday, he rolled from his belly to his back for the first time! We are just loving this season of life that we are in and feel so, so thankful.

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