July has been good to us. A month to slow down & really enjoy these warmer days. Summer comes and goes in a blink of an eye. We have a busy August/September, and it's been nice to take it easy.   

Grayson is growing & thriving. It's such a beautiful thing to witness. To hear his belly laughs and see his sweet smiles, oh my mama heart could burst. 

Parks are our new thing as of late. He is starting to really hold his head up well, so it's been fun to try a few new activities with him. He was pretty relaxed about swinging this day. 

I love coming in our kitchen & seeing Grayson's artwork on our fridge. Feels like home. & There is really nothing in the world that tops the feeling of having your baby sleep on your shoulder. The way he cuddles into me, I just had to remember the moment. 
We had fun making a couple of different homemade pizzas. So easy and fun to try different toppings. & my new favorite, iced coffee! We used this recipe  and I highly recommend trying it out! 

Grayson is so sweet when he wakes up from a good nap. It's my favorite thing in the world to go in & see the way he lights up when we say hello. He really smiles with his eyes, so you can't help but smile back. 

Breakfast at Buttermilk was just too good. I can still taste the French toast. 
Grayson tried a highchair at the restaurant for the first time and did really well. I think he was so amazed by all the noises and people to really think about where he was sitting. 

The houses around here got very patriotic and was really neat to see! I wanted to take pictures of about a million homes, but thought I should settle with just one so I didn't come off too creepy ;)

A couple random fourth of July pictures I wanted to share. A baby in overalls.. there is nothing better! 

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