Grayson-5 months

We've got a busy, busy boy! This month was so quick, but way fun! We had a lot of belly laughs, smiles, finger sucking & toe grabbing.

I am pretty sure this will be our last month where Grayson is no longer mobile (rolling etc.), so I am soaking in these last few weeks of being able to lay him down and know that he will be there. I pulled up a picture of me at 5 months pregnant, to compare to him being 5 months old. Just blows my mind that it was him in there + how fast time has gone. He is the best.

This month Grayson started moving a lot in his crib. We would put him to bed one way, the next morning he would be a completely different way. At the end of the month he rolled over twice in his crib, but Will and I didn't see it. (stinker!!)  Around two weeks old, Grayson's right tear duct was clogged-which turned out to be more annoying than anything, but it cleared this month! Grayson grabs at his feet, puts them in his mouth or rolls to the side while holding them. He flaps his arms like he wants to fly, and still loves to stand. When we say 'Grayson' he looks over at us & he now notices when we walk away from him, and let's us know that he doesn't like it! He is obsessed with his fingers/hands. He is fascinated with them. & because of his fascination, we are dealing with more drool than ever!

He 'talks' a lot, loudly. He has even talked himself to sleep. We were on a nap schedule, but that has somewhat gone out the window do to teething (I think), so we will see what naps are like next month. He can fall asleep by himself though, which is great! This month we had our infant story time and had SO much fun. We plan to take it again in the fall. He loves music and loves when we sing to him. He has beautiful blue eyes, and got a ton (for us) of hair on his head this month! He had his first taste of rice cereal in his highchair and I now feed that to him twice a day, but breast milk is still his primary source of food. Speaking of breastfeeding, it's going so well, and I am so proud of us! He is now wearing 9 month, with a few 9-12 month clothes sprinkled in. This month he dropped his 2 a.m. feeding and now wakes up anywhere from 5:00-6:00 and then either goes back to sleep right away, or an hour later.

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