fourth of July

So hard to believe that fourth of July weekend has come & gone now.
 A year ago this weekend, I was pregnant, but still early in the first trimester! 
Will & I were just giddy with excitement.
& to flash forward now, to this Fourth of July and to be able to hold our sweet boy.
Well, we just feel like the luckiest parents.   

With Grayson being so young, we had a pretty low key holiday weekend, which is really our favorite. We celebrated with breakfast out to eat + loads of cuddles & naps + Grayson's first time swinging + all 3 of us matching in red, white & blue.
Such a wonderful weekend with my boys.

It helped that the weather was so lovely all weekend.
We were able to grill out, and eat outside while Grayson napped inside. Thank goodness for technology!
We found ourselves at the park a lot, and exploring around town.
 I think Will and I say it everyday how friendly everyone is. Which is so comforting to us.

 Hoping you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend!

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