uncle derek

Playing a little catch-up here as we just got back from a wonderful vacation!
Before we left for vacation, my brother had some job training in the northern suburbs- His company is based out of Chicago. We were able to see him a couple of times during his 3 weeks here. They keep them busy and learning a lot of new things. With lots of lunches/dinners out to eat, he was craving a home cooked meal & just to be able to relax.

My sister-in-law was able to come up one of the weekends he was here with our nephew, Liam. It was hard on Derek to be away from his family for that long, so he was happy they could visit. We were able to grab a quick bite to eat and visit with them.

We are happy anytime we can get the cousins together. They are starting to 'notice' each other more. It's fun to watch them grown and learn together!
Thanks for the visits, Uncle Derek!

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